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P – Wikipedia

Language of origin: Latin language

P | Define P at Dictionary.com

noun plural p’s, P’s or Ps. the 16th letter and 12th consonant of the modern English alphabet; a speech sound represented by this letter, usually a voiceless bilabial stop, as in pig; mind one’s p’s and q’s to be careful to behave correctly and use polite or suitable language

P : Summary for Pandora Media, Inc. – Yahoo Finance

View the basic P stock chart on Yahoo Finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare Pandora Media, Inc. against other companies.



Definition and Usage. The

tag defines a paragraph. Browsers automatically add some space (margin) before and after each

element. The margins …


This is some text in a paragraph.

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paolo i. (@p) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from paolo i. (@p). things never happened in this order. maybe they never happened at all. trailing away. offshore

P-P (@p_p_p_p_p) | Twitter

足マリオpart1がミリオン達成したみたいです! 今では上手くなってしまいましたが、この頃は本当に試行錯誤しながら操作

P.a. – definition of p.a. by The Free Dictionary

pa (pä) n. Informal Father; papa. [Short for papa.] Pa 1 The symbol for protactinium. Pa 2 abbr. pascal PA abbr. 1. or Pa. Pennsylvania 2. or p.a. per annum 3. physician assistant 4. or P/A power of attorney 5. press agent 6. production assistant 7. prosecuting attorney 8. public-address system p.a. abbreviation for per annum [Latin: yearly

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