My Life Without Me (2003) recensie

My Life Without Me (2003) recensie

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My Life Without Me Movie Review (2003) | Roger Ebert

Oct 17, 2003 · I would not, for example, do any of the things that are done by Ann, the heroine of “My Life Without Me,” who would be a cruel egocentric if she weren’t so obviously just a fictional pawn. In Memoriam 1942 – 2013 “Roger Ebert loved movies. October 17, 2003 | Print Page.


My Life Without Me (2003) – Rotten Tomatoes

My Life Without Me (2003) All Critics My Life Without Me is not a gentle film. Insistent and unforgettable, it wounds on the inside, and the scars feel fresh for some time.

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Mar 07, 2003 · Video ansehen · The simple fact that one’s life can seem not to have started until the point where one’s own mortality is realized is a revelation to me. This movie has opened my eyes to the importance of life and love.


My Life Without Me (2003) recensie –

Recensie My Life Without Me (2003), een film van Isabel Coixet met Sarah Polley, Amanda Plummer, Scott Speedman, Leonor Watling, Deborah Harry, Maria de Medeiros, Mark Ruffalo

My Life Without Me (2003) | Review: Filmkritik

My Life Without Me ist, wie gesagt, keine leichte Kost. Aber wie an einem grauen Regentag, wenn das gleichmässige Rauschen des Regens manchmal trübe Gedanken aufkommen lässt, reisst am Ende die Wolkendecke auf und am Horizont wird ein Sonnenstrahl sichtbar.


My Life Without Me (2003) – My Life Without Me (2003

Ann lives in a trailer with her considerate but not very thought-provoking husband and their two children. The trailer is very crowded and so is Anna’s life. A mother at 17 Anna has never had any time to ponder about her life but she knows it might not be very fulfilling. When she finds out that she

My Life Without Me Review 2003 | Movie Review

One of the executive producers behind My Life Without Me is the great Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. His recent films, like the exceptional All About My Mother and Talk To Her, take average people, mix them with colorful characters, and dip the whole shebang in a whirlwind of poetry, artistry, and tragedy.

My Life Without Me (2003) …review and/or viewer comments

2003. USA Release: August 30, 2003 (festival) Relevant Issues. What is the origin of BAD things in our world? Answer. Where did CANCER come from? If only “My Life Without Me” had the same poignance, conviction, wit, poeticism, realism, sincerity and earnest emotion as that film did!

My Life without Me (2003) –

My Life Without me is een prachtig drama. Ik vind het fantastisch om te zien hoe iemand na zulk treurig nieuws haar leven op de kop durft te gooien. Enerzijds gaat ze de strijd in met oude demonen, maar het zorgt er ook voor dat we een heel lieve kant van de hoofdpersoon zien.


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Sep 26, 2003 · For the most part, “My Life Without Me” ably transcends It’s a real toss-up as to which character is more pathetic; the janitor with terminal cancer who lives in a trailer, or the hairdresser with braids who devotes her life to a certain unfortunate musical act from the late-eighties. For the most part, “My Life Without Me” ably transcends TV

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